Plant Medicine Love. by Leanne Hirsh

Wild Fennel, Foeniculum Vulgare for Sun Tea and Magical Mugwort, Artemesia Vulgaris or Cronewart for dreaming and infusing.

An astonishing abundance of gifts abounding in all directions!

I am so grateful to receive the bounty of Natures treasures

I picked Wild Fennel and Mugwort near the still flowing creek that feeds into the Pacific.

I put some to steep in my favourite old faithful of 25 years green teapot, and the rest in a large mason jar to infuse in the sun. So soothing and perfect for this late summer heat

Cooling Anti Inflammatory, Analgesic, Great for digestion

I use the infused water to drink and keep it in the fridge and spritz on overheated skin Divine! Thinking it would be fun in another lifetime to distill some and make a beautiful edible hydrosol

Morning gathering of Fennel and Mugwort

Fennel and Mugwort

Plant Medicine Love

Camino Verde by Leanne Hirsh

This amazing organization in the Tambopata region of the Amazon in Peru, is physically regenerating the Amazon Rain Forest, their mission is reforestation and agroforestry, planting seedlings from Amazonian seeds and working with local farmers bringing back growth to lands decimated by gold mining and copper mining and clear cutting.They are planting specifically Moena trees and over the past few years have planted thousands of trees.The Moena tree 

Camino Verde's reforestation center is a pilot site for innovative agroforestry systems and restoration strategies with 25,000 trees planted representing 400 species of trees: over 20 hectares (50 acres) reforested. It's also home to over 250 acres (100 hectares) of primary rainforest we protect.

Their nurseries produce 20,000 tree seedlings and over a hundred species each year.

Now they're sharing their most successful strategies with farmers and native communities in the Amazon of Peru, bringing back forests to areas degraded by agriculture, gold mining, and ranching.

  • 250 acres (100 hectares) of rainforest protected, with 500 acres (200 hectares) more protected through partnerships with their neighbors

  • Even more trees planted with a pioneering group of Amazonian regenerative farmer partners

  • BioStartUp: production of aromatic Amazonian essential oils, distilled from trees they plant.

A percentage of the sale of every Perfumera Curandera Perfume 5ml Bottle sold will be donated towards these projects.

Camino Verde is bringing new possibilities for economic opportunites by educating and giving jobs to the local community, teaching by example that preservation of the region through  planting trees, helps regeneration of the enviroment and the local economy. Sustainable harvesting and distillation of these trees produces unique essential oils for the Global market whilst bringing awareness to the region. Regeneration of the flora and fauna, creates opportunity for commerce far more sustainably than clearcutting the forest for short term income, which has a long term impact for both the population and the Rain Forest.

Robin Van Loon – Executive Director

Founder and Executive Director of Camino Verde, Robin has lived in the Tambopata province of the Peruvian Amazon since 2004. A long-time student of traditional and indigenous agriculture and medicinal practices, his work has focused on developing community-based reforestation strategies to regenerate important endangered plants of the Amazon. He is a writer, regenerative designer, and consultant in agroforestry, reforestation, and regenerative development.

photo courtesy Jason Edwards / National Geographic

Amazon sunset
Robin Van Loon founder of Camino Verde