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Sacred Smoke Incense Workshop with Leanne Hirsh at Hasbrouck House Hotel, NY.

  • HASBROUCK HOUSE 3805 Main Street Stone Ridge, NY, 12484 United States (map)

Create your own unique Incense from specially selected hand gathered rare botanicals from the rainforests, mountains and altiplanos of Peru.

Leanne Hirsh, Botanical Perfumer, co founder and creator of Perfumera Curandera, Healing Perfumes, will guide you in an incense making workshop experience. Leanne will present and discuss these specific botanicals and their traditional uses as each participant selects and creates their own unique aromatic personal blend. Once we have chosen our materials we will blend them and form and create our incense by hand into various shapes, such as cones leaves and birds. 

To open the workshop, Leanne will make a sacred smoke offering, where we will contribute our wishes and intentions for our own unique blends to cleanse our space and scent our prayers and intentions.

The word perfume derives from the Latin perfumare, meaning " through smoke"

Incense was one of the earliest forms of perfuming through the offering of aromatic sacred smoke. The burning of precious fragrant botanicals has been practiced since ancient times. Resins gums, herbs and spices have been traded and fought over by many civilizations throughout history.

Many indigenous communities continue to use this practice to call in the spirits, to create a sense of sacredness within their day to day lives as a form of connection to the divine.  Offerings to Creator, to Source, and to the Spirits of Nature are made by burning resins, woods, gums and fragrant herbs and spices ground and blended into incense and burned on shells or stone and ceramic vessels over wood or charcoal.

Practiced prior to meditation or ceremony burning incense consecrates the space and the participants for ritual purification. The fragrant smoke is used to please the spirits, to purify the person, space and it's contents, while cleansing negative energy and lower vibrations and to call in guidance from the subtle realms.

Incense has a powerful effect on the mind body and spirit. When used aroma-therapeutically it relaxes the body and calms the mind. It helps nourish and stabilize the psycho-somatic composition of the human being. The aroma of incense stimulates the senses to cleanse and mobilize vital air, and release unwanted energies.

Immerse yourself in fragrant sacred woods and tree resins, essential oils, absolutes, herbs and flowers from Peru and the world over, as well as some locally gathered from Upstate NY. We will use aromatherapeutic floral waters to add into your own personalized incense blend.

Everyone will go home with a box of their incense creations, from 12 to 20 pieces in a box.

Workshop begins promptly at 4 pm. Please plan to arrive by 3.30 pm

Space is limited to 10 people,

Tickets $75.00

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