A unique line of luxurious, all natural healing perfumes, embodying the principles of plant spirit medicine and ancient aromatic traditions. Botanical Perfumery, unguents and fragrant elixirs imbued with extracts of Amazonian and Andean plants, and essential oils from the world over. These rare and magical essences of barks, resins, roots, seeds and flowers have been esteemed for centuries in traditional aromatic and healing remedies. Essential oils are the life breath of the plants themselves. Reaching deeply into the psyche; these aromatic molecules have the power to transport and heal us, uplifting mind, body and spirit.

Uplifting Healing Harmonizing Sensual

Our perfumes are healing on an energetic rather than a physical level. They have a profound and subtle effect on the wearer imparting a feeling of instant wellbeing and calm. Our exquisite scents stay close to the skin and reveal their delicate complexity evolving uniquely according to ones body chemistry.


Leanne Hirsh and her husband Jackie Bobrowsky are the co-founders of Perfumera Curandera, a luxurious line of organic healing perfumes that embody the principles of Plant Spirit Medicine and ancient alchemical traditions.

Leanne, a British born makeup artist, and Jackie, a Field Producer for TV for Adventure Travel and Survival shows, an adventure travel guide for private groups, music producer and native Peruvian, have been traveling together to Peru for over twenty years. Their personal journeys of discovery to the Amazon Rain Forest and Andes Mountains have involved working closely with Curanderos, the shamanic keepers of the ancient healing knowledge of sacred plants that are used in indigenous rituals and ceremonies esteemed for centuries.Their journeys inspired the shared vision of Perfumera Curandera, a labor of love and dedication culminating in the creation of unique aromatic extracts distilled from the magical teacher plants that are at the heart of the Perfumera Curandera line. 

Leanne is highly sought after in the Fashion and Beauty industry; her 25 year career working major magazines such as Vogue, Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Tatler, Glamour, Allure, W, ID, Harpers Bazaar, NY Times, and Vanity Fair. In demand by many of the world's top photographers, she has been honored to work with iconic celebrities and models and inspirational people from all walks of life.

A lifelong passion for health and wellbeing informs and inspires her to create and share her knowledge and she is seen as a pioneer in the organic beauty movement with her creation and use of organic skincare and cosmetics since the early 1990’s. 

Travelling all over the world for so many years allows her to consistently seek out and collect rare botanical treasures and natural remedies such as wild andean mint, and coca leaf from the Altiplano and Andes of Peru, cacao beans, guyusa leaves, jungle vines, tree barks, grasses, exotic florals and roots from the Amazon Rain forest which all find their way into her handmade tinctures for her organic perfumes. Disappearing down narrow alleyways in dusty souks in search of precious raw materials and spices, she delights in hours spent with perfume merchants sampling rare vials of agarwood and rose, sandalwood and saffron over endless pots of fresh mint tea. Foraging for Sage, Pinon and Juniper berries in the high deserts of the southwest, and fragrant Plumeria and Tuberose flowers from the volcanic shores of the Hawaiian islands. All these treasures along with the native plants of her Catskill Mountain garden are woven into her magical creations.

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